Customized and localized Tool to track, manage and maintain road network with core areas such as Road Maintenance, GIS Integration, and HDM 4 Integration


  • Network and Administration boundaries
  • Road details such as Marge Road, Split Road
  • Link details such as Marge Link, Split Link
  • Inventory details Bridge, Causeway, Culvert, etc.
  • Condition of the network
  • Equipment, Structure and Pavement Data
  • Work history, Pavement composition
  • Merging & splitting of links
  • GPX File Uploading

Calculation of Condition Index for Road Section, Road, Division, Region, Splitting a road into homogeneous sections

Generate files for HDM 4 strategy and project analysis

Import data from spreadsheets

Reports/ Charts with export facility to Excel, Word, and PDF

  • Administrative setup, Roads by Region/Division
  • Road Lengths -Year wise, by Traffic Intensity
  • List of Links, Link characteristics
  • Inventory Summary
  • Road Inventory , Condition Data ,Condition Index ,Yearly Condition Index ,Defect Distribution ,Surfacing Year Distribution ,Condition Survey History ,Test Results ,Pavement Composition, Work History, Missing Survey Data, List of Projects, etc.

GIS Integration

Enables spatial analysis (Location based queries) and presents results on user friendly map interface.