Vehicle inspections cover all types of private and commercial vehicles and are dedicated to improving vehicle and road safety, performed at a designated inspection facility to monitor compliance of all applicable standards and regulations. Transport Authorities face a daunting task of delivering streamlined Vehicle Inspection processes with continually growing vehicle population. These concerns developed into a need to have a powerful centralized system that links inspection facilities.

VeTest Vehicle Inspection Management System is a centralized solution that facilitates connecting to governmental vehicles licensing database to retrieve the registration information and captures all vehicle inspection details in order to manage end-to-end vehicle inspection in compliance with road and transport policies and connecting vehicle inspection centers.

Vehicle Inspection Process determines a vehicle’s roadworthiness. This process involves end-to-end inspection of a vehicle such as, preparing the vehicle profile using the authorities' databases, assigning the vehicle to an inspection lane, performing the automatic and visual tests until the issuance of certificate.

Regional Governance and Compliances

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Automated Inspection and Visual Inspection

Multiple Testing Equipment Integration Engine

Connect to Transport Authority for vehicle information

Vehicle Inspection Center Management, Monitoring and Control

Equipment calibration and maintenance scheduling

Tests Management, Inspection Policies & Inspection Standards