NAVITION Sales Force Automation offers real-time bird’s eye view of your company’s sales force with highly insightful dashboards and reporting. It’s a customized mobile SFA solution that enables you to streamline processes and benefit from increased efficiency, productivity, accuracy, and trust while always being a step ahead of your competitors.

Sales & Distribution Automation

Enjoy unmatched transparency of your sales and distribution operations to increase productivity.

Root Allocation & visit Schedule

Map routes sales staff according to geographical distribution and schedule, update and follow-ups sales visits.

Account Management

Ability to assign dealers / customers to sales force and manage all activities in a single view.

Mobile Capability

Access real-time visibility of every stage of on-field sales operations with the fast and easy-to-use mobile app.

Order Management

Streamline the order processing with ability to place orders or take returns at customer/dealer premises with real time stock levels

Interactive Dashboard & Reporting

Gain access to insightful analytics through interactive dashboard and reports to make business decisions based on real-time data

Sales Targets & Incentives

Create dynamic target and incentive structure for sales staff with real-time link to invoicing and receipts.

Powerful Integration

Comes with full integration to NAVITION ERP & Shop N’ Office HRIS making it one complete integrated solution