Banking Software with Customer centric view

Hassle free and enrich experience to customers and uses personalized to their needs

Built around a single customer view that covers all core-banking product channels and lines, enhancing the ability of the bank to understand its customer needs and wants and serve them.Navitsa Embedded analytics tool provide customer insight and predictive trends and income

Our in-built comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module consolidate data from all integrated modules and transform them into unique business insights that helps banks to improve customer relationships dramatically.

Expand product offerings on demand with Dynamic Product portfolio.

Hassle free and enrich experience to customers and uses personalized to their needs

Solution that allows to configure bundled product suites with the modular to cater to the growing demands of today's customers

Create, configure and instantly introduce new products for any type of transaction to the customers using an integrated centralized product creation module, allowing our clients to gain valuable time and market share when new opportunities arise.Embedded product analytics help to plan and deploy new products which are attractive to customers and profitable for the bank.

Agile Solution with dynamically extensible parameterization and user oriented customization

Hassle free and enrich experience to customers and uses personalized to their needs

Let your Customers receive tailor-made offers with the Navitsa Core-Banking Software based on Open and agile platform for long-term flexibility and innovation .

Navitsa Core Banking Suite is an integrated system with its functionality is delivered using an array of independent key modules. These allow our clients to undertake seamless migration programs, progressive upgrades and delivering early business benefits to clients by using standalone business functionalities. This also enable introducing new functionality is quick and on an ongoing basis.

Comprehensive offering to support growth.

A powerful, flexible development platform that can be extended across the enterprise to enable the rapid development of additional online or mobile applications. Our unique development approach encompasses the very best of latest development technologies enable us to provide our customers with low cost of ownership with reduced maintenance costs with the business agility to respond to rapidly changing customer wants and needs.

  • Anytime anywhere banking through multiple channels
  • Identify and address rising customer demands
  • Help consumers take control of their financial wellbeing
  • Let customers to have more complete view of their finances
  • Increased customer engagement on digital channels.
  • Customer-centric Architecture and 360-degree view of customer portfolio.

In developing economics where there are vast segments of under banked and unbanked consumers, commercial banks today need to acquire and retain customers through extensive reach, innovative and dynamic yet powerful product ranges and superior customer service with customer-centric approach from savings , deposits to consumer loans and many more banking needs.

Navitsa Core Banking is a solution specifically designed to help our clients to face today's banking challenges head-on covering the entire spectrum of bank's business from retail to commercial banking covers the entire spectrum of your bank's business from retail to commercial banking

Navitsa has a layered Open Platform Architecture, Web-enabled technology, and supports 24X7 operations

Agile Banking on Open Platform Technology

We provide fundamental building blocks of business functionality enabling users to configure most complex products and processes with greater flexibly according to exact requirements and regulations in order to adapt to a dynamic environment into customer accounts .

Comply with emerging and changing global regulations

With demanding and ever changing customer expatiations, needs and wants, emerging unconventional competition and a continuously evolving complex regulatory environment are just some of the issues need to be addressed and handled with greater flexibility

Manage enterprise customer portfolio across multiple modules

Enables banks to create and maintain a central source of customer information with enterprise customer information files, across multiple modules. This enable managing and organizing of various lifecycle stages of customer relationship have unified set of customer information.

Increase the productivity of front desk staff

Empowers users with a wide array of utilities to enhance operational efficiency and facilitate ease of use.

Integrated reporting tool providing scalable and dynamic environment.

Navitsa Core Banking Suite eliminates manual tasks to a greater extent and reduc process time. The elimination of data redundancies results in increased productivity, reduces turnaround and processing time, increases output and speeds up response to customers enabling greater customer experience.

Integrated and Powerful Accounting & Finance Module

Comes with an integrated accounting module that supports multi branch and multi-profit centers creation also integrated to consolidation and reporting of accounts information with a custom report navigator to provide Banks with the facility to define layouts for additional financial reports .

Flexibility and scalability to accommodate future needs
High levels of parameterisation
Rapid introduction of new products and services to provide competitive customer service

Comprehensive, agile, componentized yet integrated business solution, addressing all the core needs of banks, in easy to configure modules. Navitsa provides all the building blocks of business functionality enabling users to configure products and processes flexibly in order to adapt to a dynamic environment.

An exciting feature of Navitsa Core Banking Solution is the use of embedded analytics across all channels of front line banking processes. Embedded analytics can bring in a significant operational benefits such as driving customer centricity with an enriched, personalized needs-based user experience, and providing valuable customer insight that can clearly make positive impact on customer retention and loyalty with the service they obtain.