NAVITION Restaurant Management System takes care of all restaurant operations such as orders billing, reporting, recipe management, kitchen notification and much more. Due to its scalable nature, it allows to accommodate new innovations and integrations catering to the growing demands of the business in the future.

NAVITION Restaurant Management System helps restaurant owners and operational staff to manage end to end process of a restaurant with great flexibility. Rich with integrated tools, this state of the art product allows to keep track of sales, inventory, orders, food costing and analytics.

Innovative screens designed to enable fast order takings

Graphical table layout using visual color cues and table status indicators with segmented areas for better table service

Supports multiple kitchen, bar Printers or screens

Track all takeout and delivery in one place

Bill splitting by seat, amount or quantity

Table-transfer, and Order-transfer or merge facility

Keep your customers loyal by introducing customer rewards with custom loyalty schemes

Accurate food costing calculated with integrated raw material management module

Update and customize menus, recipe or ingredients real-time with flexible menu management

Accepts payments from multiple channels and provide detailed reports on cash flow to assists end-of-day reporting

Real-time back-office reports and analytics covering all functional areas

Helps to track inventory and maintain stock levels with minimum waste as NAVITION Restaurant System comes with integrated procurement and inventory management

Integrated directly with NAVITION ERP and Shop N’ Office HRIS for complete end-to-end operation management