Providing robust retail experiences through the integration of cutting-edge technologies and applied innovation.

Today's customers exhibit a higher level of digital proficiency than in the past. In a retail environment that is consistently connected and online, the pressure on retail brands intensifies, given the expectation of uninterrupted interaction across various channels

The retail sector must swiftly adjust to deliver consumers a seamless experience across various channels, encompassing personalized product suggestions, loyalty programs, and exceptional service.

At Navitsa, we merge our digital engineering with profound domain expertise to craft solutions that span the entire retail value chain. Our assistance extends across various domains, encompassing service design, macro and micro consumer journey mapping, intelligent store operations and demand and supply chain management.

Let every customer leaves happy with great shopping experiences

Know your consumer and their purchase habits more and foster their loyalty by offering a unique and tailored rewards program that identifies true loyalty and retain your consumers for a longer period.

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Single point for every sale and make every transaction count.

Increase order accuracy with superior inventory management, reduce time and cost with advance real-time transaction processing. Making every sale and transaction count with the retail digitalization.

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Innovate as a concept store and Keep customers coming back

Set up your store as and how it is needed. Adjust Point of Sale to speed up your checkout with multi- dimensional store creation, add locations, bins and employees dynamically and instantly to make your concept store.

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Make Informed   DECISIONS.

Customize to perfection in the era of mobility. With our customizable and real-time Report Navigator equipped with Retail Analytics Tool, now can easily see what is selling best and what is not, what the busiest hours are, and who your best team members are and many more. Know everything about your Store or chain of Stores from your mobile.

Make most of the inventory information with detail analytic of the movement. Know exactly when to and what to order.

Navitsa Retail Suite comes with integrated Supplier Chain Management for better and improved order processing to enhance the business partner relationship.

  • Stock Movement
  • Basket values and customer counts
  • Set automatic actions on reaching Re-order levels
  • Staff Utilizations on hourly sales
  • Forecasting and Planning
  • Supplier Chain Handling
  • Advance Retail Analytics

Embrace latest retail TRENDS.

A mobile POS for retail store. Taking the retail store into the new era of digital world and benefits. From using on mobile with technology as an enabler to gain consumer insights rapidly, buying patterns and consumer behaviors for a better analytics and forecasting.

With the age of IoT, the future of the retail merchandising is certainly exciting. For customers retail shopping is a whole new experience.

  • IoT Enabled Goods Tracking
  • Purchase Pattern Identification
  • Assortment Planning
  • Handling Loyalty
  • Pricing and Promotions

Know where your STOCK IS.

Transform your retail merchandise operation. Make Navista Retail for Inventory management the digital core of your future value network and start to connect every aspect of your store from goods, workforce, suppliers, and consumers.

Manage every aspect of the retail store in real time to leave no business opportunity behind and leverage digital transformation for increased market value.

  • Master Data Management
  • Inventory Category Management
  • Assortment Planning
  • Custom and Dynamic Inventory Bin Structure
  • Dynamic Location Creation Facility

Improved and enhanced hassle free Physical stock verification.