Building Innovative Technology Solutions Beyond Products.

We embrace rich products and services to unleash new levels of productivity, enhance collaboration amongst team members,and streamline large-scale communication. We blend an esthetic mix of exquisite designs and innovative technological concepts to bring solutions to many issues that hold back many companies today

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Partnering For Innovation And Digital Transformation.

Today's organizations need to make their own waves and evolve at a swift pace to stay in the course in this dynamically shifting landscape. We believe it is essential to anticipate and visualize tomorrow's needs and wants of customers and align technological advancements to the vision to be in the top of the game.

User Experience Exploring The Digital Age

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how machines work, communicate, and perform. Production becoming smarter and mobility is taking on a fundamentally new form. Navitsa focused in developing innovative ways of applying connectivity that will expand the horizons of blow the limitations of machines.

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Well beyond the limits of the today's Automotive Test Industry to bringing Next Generation IoT based solutions focused on tomorrow's Automobiles.

Navitsa unlocks the mechanics of business and technology to offer next generation integrated IoT services. We thoroughly review all of existing Automative Test Ssystem to understand workflow of operations, people and processes. After analyzing liabilities and challenges in current processes, Hidden Brains helps you to explore opportunities that could maximize your efficiency.

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Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Transform data to your Dashboard.

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Business Intelligence

Transform data to your Dashboard

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Internet of things (IoT)

Insight of how we partner beyond limits of machineries and illuminate its competitive edge and prepare for tomorrow with IoT experience.

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Predictive Aanalysis

Do more with less.

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Single Platform

Your customers need more… It's the right time to exceed their expectations.

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Digital Transformation and Technological Adaptability.

Know your business.

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Highly optimized solutions and services across wide range of industry domains.Leverage our rich experience for your unique IT requirements.

Driven by big data we make Intent of Things (IoT) a reality. We help our partners in Re- inventing customer relationship and service cultures by usage of technology to deliver innovative and centralized service models, letting our clients known for service they provide.

Staying ahead with M2M communication, we build application to link highly specialized and uniquely designed special purpose devices, measurement equipment, testing instruments together to yield vast amount of useful information to central location, enable our clients to deliver supreme service to their customer

Internet of Things is already making its waves in every sphere of this planet. From homes to large scale industries, this phenomenon called IoT has triggered the next digital revolution.

Focused on continuous innovation and anticipating customer needs, Navitsa Digital Business Services novel and enhance processes help our customers to bridge the gap between their digital transformation strategies and actual executions with the use of Artificial Intelligence from machines, products, customers and partners.